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Mobile Racking is a dynamic solution providing up to double the storage capacity in the same area, of conventional pallet racking. Offering technical superiority and total flexibility is suitable for every kind of stored goods, and has a wide range of accessories.


The mobile racks move on rails embedded in the floor. The movement is provided by a set of electric drives. The functionality of the equipment and the safety of the operator is controlled and monitored by a programmable control system. MOBIPAL mobile racking systems can increase warehouse capacity by up to 100 % compared to standard warehouses with stationary racks and aisles.

They are suitable for all types of warehouses where a high storage capacity must be achieved in a minimum of space. The advantages are the possibility of expanding the storage capacity in existing space, saving investment costs when building new storage space and saving operating costs. The economic effect is particularly display for freezers.

Advantages of MOBIPAL

  • Saving investment costs when building new storage facilities
  • Up to 50 % space savings in existing warehouse space
  • Up to 100 % increase in capacity in an existing warehouse
  • Energy savings in energy-intensive warehouses such as freezers
  • Savings in operating costs
  • Possibility of remote control

MOBIPAL features

  • Mobile racks move on rails embedded in the floor
  • The equipment is build into a block with a single universal service aisle
  • Movement control and operator safety monitoring is provided by an electronic control system
  • Movement speed of approx. 4.8 m/min, new aisle is open within one minute.
  • Comfortable and safe operation with fully automatic unattended operation
  • Handling of storage units is usually by forklift